Instruction of Taming Your Wild Beard With a Beard Comb

A beautiful and well-groomed beard is the dream of every grown man. With a beard straightening comb, this dream can become a reality. Treat your facial hair with love and care, and you will be prized with a neat beard in no time. There are a few tips and devices, which can help you make your beard look great even at home without additional help of a professional barber. Let’s take a look.

Beard Shaper Comb for Men With Thick Facial Hair

Are you scared to cut your own beard? Do you trust only professional barber but have a need to quickly take care of your beard at home? I know that feeling to well. I was terrified by a thought that I would have to shave it all off due to some kind of unsuccessful shaving experiment. Fortunately, now it is easy to unleash a professional barber in yourself with a beard shaper comb.

It is a simple device, especially created for bearded men in need of taking care of facial hair at home. It is easy to use, align along the edges and trim with scissors, trimmer or a razor. Applying a beard shaping comb, it is easy to create symmetry on both sides. Besides, the device can also be applied for neck area shaping a neckline.

Best Combination of Beard Oil and Comb

Using beard oil is easy. The main thing is to apply oil only on clean and dry hair. This is best done right after the shower, when the pores are open.

  1. Apply a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub the oil between your fingers.
  3. Gently apply oil to the beard – on top and inside. Do not forget about the skin under the beard, oil is useful for it.
  4. Comb the beard. This can be done not with a comb, but with a natural bristle brush: it will help the oil to better spread through the hair.
  5. It is necessary to apply beard oil every day, then you will notice the effect. Someone prefers to do this at night, someone – in the morning, before work.
  6. Be sure to use oil after shaving, cutting or beard correction to soften hair.
  7. Usually very little oil is required – a couple or three drops are enough. But it all depends on the length of the beard: the larger it is, the more oil will be needed.

You are doing something wrong if …

  • … the hair is too shiny: you applied too much oil. Clean up the excess with a paper towel. From now on, it is better to start with a small, even scanty amount of beard oil and increase the volume gradually.
  • … the beard is stake: you applied too little oil. The oil softens the beard and just does not allow it to stand stake. Try to increase the amount a little.

Use Beard Straightener Comb for a Perfect Look

Straightening a beard is easy, the procedure can be done at home. To do this, stock up on a quality device that will make the beard smooth, neat and obedient.

  1. Wash your beard thoroughly. For this, you can not use ordinary shampoos designed for head hair. Their aggressive composition can dry out the skin on the face, cause dandruff, peeling and irritation. Choose a mild shampoo or soap directly for your beard or mustache. They contain a non-aggressive alkaline base, complexes of healthy oils and plant components.
  2. Apply conditioner and nutritious oil. Conditioner should be a must-have for every bearded man. It makes hair soft and obedient, moisturizes and nourishes it. Oil is another important assistant in the process of facial care. Its composition with many useful components positively affects the hairs, heals them from roots to ends.
  3. Comb well. Combing a beard for straightening is necessary when it is wet. For daily combing of the beard, you should buy a special comb – it will carefully untangle the hairs, take care of maintaining their structure. Models made of natural wood are best suited – they not only comb well the hairs, but also eliminate the problem of excessive secretion of sebum, fight dandruff, give silkiness to the hairs.
  4. Blow dry your hair with a hairdryer. This is a must for anyone who wants to straighten their hair. If you dry the facial hair naturally, it will certainly curl even more. To minimize the negative impact of the hair dryer on the hairs, select a gentle mode of operation. It will not overdry them, will not spoil the structure and will not lead to a cross-section.
  5. Strongly curly beard must be straightened so that it looks beautiful and lends itself well to styling. To do this, warm the beard straightener well, grab the plates with a small area of ​​facial hair, and then swipe it in the direction of hair growth. In no case do not move against their growth – this will lead to unpleasant consequences.
  6. Fix the result so that the beard remains neat and tidy throughout the day, use styling products. A special spray fixator, which can be purchased at the barbershop, is well suited.